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Lionheart Announces Bucker Bu-131B Jungmann For MSFS


Something I have been working on for the MSFS Germany AustriaSwitzerland World Update. The Bucker Bu-131B Jungmann.

She is a 1930's classic. This one is a Swiss Do-Bu-131B with eramods such as stack exhaust, Casa tachometer, front mountedinstruments, bazels visible, updated spinner. 3 versions of leathers,14 different paint schemes, from Trainers to super-restorations. Ifyou do not mind flying around 100 knots, if you like air-conditioning,if you like not having TV screens for instruments, if you like classicthings, if you like Europe and 1930's aviation, if you like a planethat bounces down the runway, you might like this.





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