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LatinVFR Releases Bradley Airport For P3D


LatinVFR releases Bradley International Airport KBDL for P3D v4 and v5.


  • KBDL airport all buildings objects and ground polygons made from native PBR materials.
  • Airport and immediate surroundings, detailed.
  • SODE animated PBR jetways for the best jetway animation possible.
  • SODE controlled lighting, automatically illuminating when low visibility and rain conditions.
  • SODE controlled rain effects, enabling wet PBR surfaces whenever rain is present.
  • Script controlled seasons, automatically change according to the month, no input necessary.
  • Script controlled snow ground polygons that activate when snow is present.
  • Custom animated airport vehicles.
  • Special slippery condition for runways/taxiways that would affect braking action whenever it is raining.
  • Static aircraft, customized vehicle animations, animated elevators.
  • Scenery configurator for selecting and un-selecting features.

And much more...




LatinVFR Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International KFLL
LatinVFR New Orleans International KMSY

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