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LatinVFR A321neo 1.1.0 Released


Thank you all for the feedback, last night version 1.1.0 wasreleased in the marketplace. Please go to the content manager andupdate.

Among the fixes:

  1. Pink cockpit texture when panning around in the outside view fixed.
  2. Landing flare and takeoff rotation issue fixed, no more floating on the flare
  3. Interior passenger windows disconnect issue fixed when looking at the interior views.
  4. The cabin interior was enhanced.
  5. Among other small fixes

We are now looking into fixing issues with XBOX primarily with XBOXS, where users encounter CTD’s. If you start your flight in let’s sayNew York, or London you might get a CTD. We are to further optimizethe 3d models in order to reduce the performance footprint of theA321neo in XBOX. We hope to have that fix released for next week’supdate.

As we said when we released, we are committed to these products andmaking them better as we go along and we thank customer feedback forthat.

LatinVFR Releases Airbus A321neo For MSFS

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