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KStorm Computing - Float Plane Scenery Pack 1


Float Plane Adventure Scenery Pack 1 includes 18 sea bases, fishinglodges and remote hamlets along the west coast of British Columbia,Canada.

Float planes play an integral part serving the vast waterways alongthe coast as well as inland lakes only accessible by air. Theselocations provide an excellent VFR experience as you plan your lowlevel routes following ocean inlets, and river valleys to yourdestination.


From sea-level locations to fishing lakes at 5,000 feet in themountains, the life of a float plane pilot is an adventure.

To gain the best experience, we recommend you turn off all city,airport and POI identifiers in MSFS 2020 so your journey throughnature is not interrupted with signs.


Location Ident

  • 4z7: Hyder
  • CZSW: Prince Rupert Sea Base
  • CAH2: Ocean Falls
  • CAA7: Gilford Island Sea Base
  • CAQ3: Coal Harbour
  • CAU8: Rivers Inlet
  • CAW5: Port Hardy
  • CAE3: Campbell River
  • CAY4: Hartley Bay
  • CBA3: Kincolith
  • WK16: Haikai Fishing Lodge
  • WK08: Moonlit Lodge
  • WK03: Whitton Lake Fishing Lodge
  • WK05: Fisher Lodge
  • CAX7: Minstrel Island Fishing Lodge
  • CAF8: Nimpo Lake Lodge
  • WK09: Bear Lodge
  • WK06: Chaunigan Lake Lodge



We will be starting weekly "fly-in fishing" group flights soon. Ifyou are interested, join our Discord for future updates. Watch forour release of KStorm Float Adventure 2 scenery pack in the nearfuture.

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