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Just Flight Releases WIP Pictures Of 146 Professional MSFS


Here's another Development Update and the latest screen shots forour 146 Professional for MSFS.




These show the 146's extensive cockpit lighting options which arefully-functional in MSFS - dimmable and independent Captain and FirstOfficer instrument and flood lighting, hundreds of annunciators (whichall work like the real thing), dome and emergency lighting, pilot lapand flight kit spotlights and more. This huge array of optionsprovides you with the means to tailor the cockpit lighting to yourexact requirements for each stage of the flight.

The exterior lighting is also nearly complete, with realisticlanding, taxi, turn-off, navigation (with high or low intensityoptions), strobe, wing, logo and cabin lights for a highly immersivenight flying experience.

We aim to bring you a video showing off all aspects of the lightingpretty soon. Stay tuned!


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