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Just Flight - Propair Falke SF-25 for P3D v4/v5


This Propair Flight add-on for P3D v4/v5 provides the B, C and Evariants of the Scheibe SF-25 Falke motor glider, with 3D gauges andenhanced animations, circuit breakers and battery loading in theelectrical system.

The engine/fuel system features choke and carburettor heat states,oil temperature-dependent starting and fuel starvation if the aircraftis flown upside down.


The Propair Falke SF-25 is a true virtual copy of the famous Germantouring motor glider Scheibe SF-25.

This new enhanced version features upgraded systems, including:

  • Full 3D gauges and enhanced animations
  • Upgraded electrical system – circuit breakers and battery loading
  • More detailed engine/fuel system – choke and carburettor heat states, oil temperature-dependent starting with advanced mathematical model, fuel starvation if aircraft flown upside down.


The package contains three variants:

  • SF-25B – simplest aircraft with Limbach 1700A engine
  • SF-25C – two main gear set-up with stronger Limbach 2000A engine
  • SF-25E – foldable long-wing version with better soaring capability

Purchase Just Flight – Propair Falke SF-25 for P3D v4/v5

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