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Just Flight PA28R Arrow III MSFS Delayed


PA28R Arrow III MSFS Update:

We know that many of you were keen to see this released this week,that was our aim, but at the same time we were never going tocompromise quality we want to get this as near perfect as we can priorto release. We're now so close to the finish line but are going tospend the weekend implementing final changes to the flight model witha view to tweaking and testing by Monday afternoon and then therelease will follow. Could be Tuesday, might push to Wednesday.There's a little bit of the unknown there but bear with us and what wecan say is it will be released for all early to middle of nextweek.

Thanks to all for the continued interest and your patience whilstwe make final checks and prepare the aircraft. There are manypreview videos appearing on YouTube and various streams appearingtoo, this trend is likely to continue over the weekend so if you canface watching what you can't touch for a few days more then do tune into the various videos and streams. And remember if you haven'talready done so you can sign up for email notification about therelease on the product page, click on the 'Email me when available'button.

On our web site we now have the final product page live (Dev pageis live too for now) so there's proof that we're all but there.Taking this final few days to fine tune things will be worth it, we'resure. Have a great weekend all and we look forward with excitement tonext week.

Just Flight PA28R Preview Video

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