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Just Flight Hawk T1/A Previews New Features


We aim to bring you some In Dev videos of the Hawk for MSFS thiscoming week. In the meantime here are some screen shots (narrativebelow) showing some of the features that will be included in thevideos.

  • EFB tablet with controls for selecting between T1, T1/A and Red Arrows configurations, different payloads and autopilot modes for ease-of-use
  • Different cockpit configurations - T1/A weapons training (pylon/sidewinder) controls, gunsight and/or GPS, Red Arrows smoke indicators
  • VHF, UHF, IFF, TACAN and ILS radio simulation, including frequency preset cards which update in real-time to show any saved frequency presets
  • Dynamic cockpit night lighting with dimmer controls and spotlights, and realistic exterior lighting (including independent upper/lower strobes or beacons)
  • Exterior model payloads/configurations - Live or training AIM-9 Sidewinders, 30 mm Aden gun, CBLS practice bombs, MATRA rockets, Red Arrows smoke tank and exhaust pipes





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