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Just Flight - Fokker F28 Dev Update


As mentioned in our last development update, the F28 team have beenvery busy working on extensive upgrades to the cockpit, and here someof the results!


Between the four variants of the F28, and the many operators overits decades of services, no two cockpits are guaranteed to be alike inthe real-world. Therefore we have reconfigured the cockpit to matchthe real aircraft that we visited at the Fokker Technical College, forthe most authentic environment possible. Our artists have upgraded thevisual fidelity of every area of the cockpit and are now working oneven higher texture resolution for pin-sharp clarity, whilst ourtesting team, which includes F28 flight, engineering and trainingcrew, have been hard at work checking over every inch of the cockpitas development work progresses.


We’ve included some screenshots showing the stunning cockpitlighting. The F28 has a very different look to other airliners,including the hundreds of large and brightly-colored annunciator andwarning lights, adding to the unique and immersive feel of theaircraft.

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About Just Flight - Fokker F28 Fellowship

Just Flight are excited to bring you four variants of the F28 Fellowship regional jet – the 1000 to 4000. Announced in 1962, the F28-1000 first flew in 1967 and entered airline service in 1969. The stretched 2000, 3000 and 4000 variants followed in the 1970s, and production ended in 1987. The aircraft proved to be popular and entered airline service around the world, with the last commercial operation ending in 2018.

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