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Just Flight Fokker F28 Dev Update MSFS


Since our previous update for the Fokker F28 Fellowship, ourdevelopment team have been busy wrapping up their work on themodelling and texturing of the aircraft. Most notable additions to theaircraft now are the fully animated passenger and cargo doors, as wellas the inclusion of wheel chocks and cones around the aircraft. Thisvisual work is pretty much complete now and is simply undergoingfurther testing.

Coding work has also begun on the myriad of the F28’s systems, manyof which are unique to the F28 and require close collaboration withour testing team of ex-F28 flight, engineering, and training crews toensure we achieve a very high level of accuracy. You certainly won’tbe mistaking this aircraft for your typical airliner!

With all animations, cockpit instrumentation, annunciators, andbasic systems now working, we have handed the aircraft over to ourflight model and sound developers so they can begin to work theirmagic. Once the flight dynamics and sounds are complete, we will aimto bring you some videos focusing on these features.

This week we have also supplied a new build out to our testing teamwhich included the first batch of functional systems. The aircraft isnow in a flyable state and our testing teams are looking over thenewly coded systems and providing us with their ever-valuablefeedback.

Here's a small selection of screenshots from our latest build tosupport this entry. We hope you've enjoyed the update.





Just Flight Previews Fokker F28 Cockpit

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