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Just Flight Development Update on Palma de Mallorca


We are proud to announce our first scenery add-on for MicrosoftFlight Simulator, Palma de Mallorca Airport. This is a brand-newdevelopment with everything being built from scratch.

After a short break over Christmas and New Year the developmentteam are back at work and excited to share some new developments.



The Glass Terminal

We have recently imported the most complex object so far into thesim. It is the glass terminal structure in terminal C. Here are someinitial screen shots that show you both the interior and theexterior.

Whilst we feel the current version is a good re-creation of thereal-world counterpart, there are still a few things we would like towork on. This Terminal will see several improvements before productlaunch.

Finally, a few other points. We have animated the radar on top ofthe tower and added the first few apron objects such as buses and ACunits. The ground texturing is coming along nicely and we aim toreplicate every single line as accurately as possible.



Also worth mentioning that Palma airport has just opened the newlyrenovated northern runway (24R/06L). The renovation has not justbrought a completely new surface, but also significant changes to therunway and taxiway layout. We have already been sent the newestairport charts and have seen aerial photography. We will use these toreplicate the new airport layout. More on that soon, in the meantimeenjoy these WIP shots showing off work on the glass terminal.


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