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Just Flight Dev Update on Fokker F28


It's been a while since we brought you a Dev update on the F28 sowe hope you'll enjoy this new entry.

Bringing the Fokker F28 to MSFS has given the opportunity toincrease the level of detail and feature list even further as westrive to make each new aircraft our best yet. We have recently beenworking on a brand-new virtual cabin for the four F28 variants (1000to 4000), giving you the chance to fly in retro style with openoverhead bins and large windows, providing an excellent view of thewings and rear-mounted engines.

We are also working on significant upgrades to the cockpit to takefull advantage of MSFS capabilities, and as you’ll have seen with ourrecent Fokker 100 screenshots, the end result will be worth thewait!

Just Flight Shares Images Of Fokker F28 Fellowship MSFS

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