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Just Flight - Black Square Velocity XL MSFS


Black Square’s home-build Velocity XL for MSFS features the top-end400HP model, with a fully featured IFR-capable panel with every knob,switch and button functional, fully realised electrical system withevery circuit breaker functioning, comprehensive default Wwise 3Dsound package integration and realistic canard aircraft flightdynamics.


The Velocity is a family of home-built, high-performance, compositeconstruction, single-engine aircraft. Notably, the Velocity hascanard-style airfoils rather than a conventional main wing for lift,and counteracting tail surfaces for control and stability. The mostadvantageous feature of the canard design is its resistance to deepstalls and spins. On a canard aircraft, the forward wing is designedto stall prior to the main wing, thereby pitching the aircraft downand restoring lift to the main wing.

Nearly 1,000 proud Velocity owners have assembled and fabricatedparts to complete the aircraft of their dreams in a process that takesaround 2,000 hours of work. The builder is rewarded with one of thehighest performance piston singles on the market, and an aircraft thatmeets their exact specifications.


The original Velocity was designed by Danny Maher, and debuted atthe 1986 Sun-N-Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, USA. Themodern Velocity models are the result of several redesigns by thecurrent owners, Scott and Duane Swing.


Black Square’s Velocity XL is modelled after a top-end Velocitybuild, with an upgraded 400HP Continental TSIO-550 fitted with dualturbochargers, giving the aircraft a critical altitude of 24,000 feetand ground speeds of over 400 MPH. With a range of over 1,600 milesand single-engine efficiency, the Velocity is a real contender whencompared with small turboprop business aircraft that operate at 5-10times the cost.


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