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Junkers 52 For MSFS 2020 Delayed


Looks like the eagerly awaited Junkers 52 forMicrosoft Flight Simulator is going to be delayed for a fewweeks as the team want to iron out a few bugs before delivering theadd-on.

The team has decided to postpone the Junkers JU-52 a few weeks inorder to polish a few remaining bugs present in the aircraft. We willannounce the release date shortly as well. Thank you for your patienceand understanding.

In Germany, the Junkers JU-52 is lovingly called "Tante JU" or"Aunt JU." The team has gone to great lengths to recreate the plane asauthentically and accurately as possible, working with the grandson ofthe original designer, Hugo Junkers, and with an organization thatpreserves one of the last surviving examples of this historicallysignificant aircraft.


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