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Jetstream Designs Releases Toulouse Blagnac For P3D


Bienvenue and welcome to Toulouse Blagnac International Airport(LFBO), home of world-famous aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Locatedjust 6 km (3.7 miles) from the city center, Toulouse Blagnac is one ofthe busiest airports in France. It also hosts the Airbus manufacturingplants, which makes the airport well suited for spotters, withbrand-new aircraft performing numerous test flights before beingdelivered all over the world.

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is stunningly vast airfield, brought toyou courtesy of advanced optimization techniques and highly detailedmodeling/texturing methods. The iconic Airbus plant itself covers amassive portion of the airport, packed with detail to ensure atrue-to-life experience. Each gate features a finely detailed SODEjetway to ensure smooth animations to allow your virtual passengerssafe passage. On departure or arrival, you'll appreciate the extratouches of detail, including hand-placed autogen and several customlandmarks like the Toulouse Stadium, shopping centers and suburbanhousing buildings.

Wether you are performing an Airbus delivery flight, regularairline or a general aviation flight, you are in for a nice experiencein our highly-optimized LFBO product.


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