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IVAO/Zibomod Adds SELCAL Integration


IVAO is very proud to announce that, in collaboration with Zibomod,we have a great update in our software in which we have created aSELCAL integration! We also have made a special video for thisupdate.

For more information visitwww.ivao.aero


In international aviation, SELCAL or SelCal is a selective-callingradio system that can alert an aircraft's crew that a ground radiostation wishes to communicate with the aircraft. SELCAL uses aground-based encoder and radio transmitter to broadcast an audiosignal that is picked up by a decoder and radio receiver on anaircraft. The use of SELCAL allows an aircraft crew to be notified ofincoming communications even when the aircraft's radio has beenmuted. Thus, crewmembers need not devote their attention to continuousradio listening.

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