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IVAO Gets A Facelift


IVAO gets a facelift, first walk towards a new web infrastructure.

IVAO is very excited to release a facelift of IVAO Brand, and newTracker, Webeye and Login system.

Our last branding update was back in 2013, however, a lot hashappened ever since. Particularly, 2019 and 2020 have constitutedstepping stone years for IVAO: We have released our new Clients:Aurora, Altitude and Artifice in BETA, a new Voice Module, a newweb-based Flight Plan Tool, ensured our Pilot Client was compatiblewith Microsoft Flight Simulator on day zero of its release with ourown MTL library, launched Webeye 3.0, a new Documentation Library andmuch more.

Our branding update showcases a rejuvenation of IVAO software, andreinforces our mission as an Organisation, that is committed tocontinuously innovating and offering a leading edge experience.

The new branding will bring forth a more uniform brand across theboard. We’ve refreshed the entire brand, and remained consistent toour original principles and philosophy, honouring our past. WithinIVAO, Our Divisions establish the connection with our members acrossthe globe. This is the primary reason we have focused on re-designinga clear and distinctive image for our Divisions, whilst maintainingour core identity, and feeling across the board.

In July 2020, we announced that we planned on implementingsignificant progress on building our new Web infrastructure. It wastherefore a key dependency to deploy the new branding that is inconjunction, with our new Web infrastructure. For that, we haveestablished this important date to have members experience a taste ofthis new major project, and therefore launch a completely new IVAOTracker and Login system, showcasing our new branding.

Our new generation of IVAO Tracker, a flagship tool of IVAO thatprovides members with a detailed tracking of their ATC, Flight andObserver connections to the IVAO Network- is the first tool, in theseries, that we will be launching as part of IVAO’s new Web 2.0infrastructure. This system will be using our new generation trackingserver system with a 15-second refresh rate, and will provideadditional efficiency and stability to our servers.

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