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Iron Sim Releases Doha City Skyscrapers For MSFS


Most of the skyscrapers in Doha are located in the zone of WestBay. Apart from the current tallest buildings in the city, there are anumber of supertall skyscrapers on hold Which we will bring to you infuture updates. Doha is a rapidly growing city, with many of itstallest skyscrapers having been finished in the last ten years.

These buildings include Al Fardan Residences, Palm tower A, Palmtower B, World Trade Center Doha, Doha Tower, Al Faisal Tower,Al-Asmakh Tower, Qatar Petroleum District Tower 7, InterContinentalDoha The City, Navigation Tower, Al Bidda Tower, Pullman Doha WestBay, Tornado Tower, Qatar International Islamic Bank HQ Tower Al BakerExecutive Twin Towers, Qatar Internet Center, Qatar TelecomHeadquarters, Al JufarahWest Bay Tower, Al Dareen Tower,Commercialbank Plaza, and many more.


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