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IRIS Simulations Shows Off F/A-18C Hornet For MSFS


IRIS Simulations have shown off some early WIP images of theirupcoming Hornet (F/A-18C) for MSFS.


With the F/A-39 Vampire coming along nicely, we're now at a stageto show off something else coming this year exclusively for MSFS!

The Classic Hornet (F/A-18C) will be in development once theVampire arrives and will be our first 'premium' product for the MSFSplatform this year.

We had four fast movers planned over the next 24 months and the Bugpipped them all at the post (I won't say what the others are justyet!)

Personally, it's my favourite fast jet (yes, even beats the Hawk)and while I know others are planning on this airframe, It's somethingwe at IRIS have wanted to do for a number of years now.

More info as we progress.

IRIS Simulations Announces F/A-39 Vampire

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