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Instrument Procedures Coming To Infinite Flight


A long-awaited feature is making its way to Infinite Flight v20.1;Instrument Procedures. Infinite Flight pilots will soon be able to adda real-world arrival, approach, or departure to their flight planswith ease. And here's the best part: it will be available to all usersat no extra cost.

A common question from real-world pilots at events like AirVenturein Oshkosh is, "can I shoot an approach into my home airport?" Ouranswer up until now has been, sort of. The answer after the release ofInfinite Flight v20.1 will be an emphatic YES! Coming in the next appupdate will be a global database of real-world nav data including allSIDs, STARs, and approaches. ALL? Yes, all. Okay, but what if I wantto plan an arrival into Ouagadougou Airport in Burkina Faso, you mightask. Well, you will be able to.


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