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Infinite Flight 21.8


Our 10th year has been a big one for us at Infinite Flight! Themove to airports with 3D buildings and objects with a custom built-ineditor has laid the groundwork for a more immersive 3D world forpilots and ATC. To close out the year, Infinite Flight 21.8 includeseven more 3D airports and the brand new Airbus A220-300 with 21 newliveries.



In a community poll, our users were given the task of choosing thenext aircraft built for Infinite Flight. In a neck-in-neck race, theA330 came out on top with only a few votes out of thousands separatingit from the A220. So after the A330 shipped, it was an easy choice toput our efforts toward this new narrow-body aircraft that is makingits way to many fleets around the world.

This new aircraft to the Infinite Flight fleet comes complete withan animated cockpit, full cabin interior, and those huge Pratt &Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan engines!


Airport Updates

This update also features 19 new 3D airports. And in addition toadding new airports, 21.8 also boasts a selection of brand new custom3D airport towers at CYYZ, ESSA, EHAM, ZBAA, EGPH, and KJFK.


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