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Infinite Flight 21.1 Released


In one of its most ambitious updates ever, Infinite Flight hasreleased version 21.1 with 3D buildings and clouds. Until now,Infinite Flight pilots have enjoyed global 15m/pixel satellite terrainimagery, along with other important benchmarks such as multiplayerflight with ATC. The focus has now shifted to an even more immersiveexperience with 3D objects and updated atmosphere.

Life In 3D

Infinite Flight put the focus on its multiplayer and ATC systemearly on. Connecting the community without the need for 3rd partysystems was a priority and has allowed pilots to enjoy the InfiniteFlight skies together. Now, the Infinite Flight team has pivotedtoward 3D objects at airfields. In version 1 of this venture, 3Dobjects including buildings, jetbridges, vehicles, and even radars andfences will be static. Developers plan on gradually bringing them tolife for even more immersion in the 3D world.

3D airports will be denoted by a symbol on the map, airport infoscreen, airport search, and on the ATC status page for multiplayer. Asmall collection of 3D airports have been released in 21.1 includingLos Angeles, Dubai, and London Heathrow. The full list of airports isas follows:

  • CYTZ - Billy Bishop Toronto City
  • KDEN - Denver International
  • NZQN - Queenstown
  • EGLL - London Heathrow
  • KJFK - John F Kennedy International
  • OMDB - Dubai International
  • EGPH - Edinburgh
  • KLAX - Los Angeles International
  • PHNL - Daniel K Inouye International
  • EDDM - Munich
  • KSFO - San Francisco International
  • RJTT - Tokyo (Haneda) International
  • FACT - Cape Town International
  • LFPG - Paris Charles-De-Gaulle
  • SBGR - Guarulhos-Andre Franco
  • Montoro International - FAOR
  • O.R. Tambo International - MMMX
  • Benito Juarez International - URSS
  • Sochi - KDCA
  • Ronald Reagan Washington - International
  • NZAA - Auckland International
  • YSSY - Sydney Kingsford Smith

A hand-picked airport creation and editing team has been workingquietly in the background building airports using a yet-to-be-revealedairport builder. More details on how this works will be explained in afuture release.

Cirrus Cloud Layer

Version 1 of clouds have made their way into Infinite Flight for21.1 in the form of a user-controlled cirrus layer. Clouds will reactto atmospheric conditions such as winds aloft and light, however userswill control their altitude and coverage in version 1. It wasimportant to Infinite Flight developers that the first iteration ofcloud cover reacted properly to the environmental elements.

ATC Improvements

Airports in the Infinite Flight multiplayer environment aresometimes subjected to unrealistically large volumes of traffic,especially during community events. It's important, especially duringthose times, for ATC to control the flow. New in 21.1, controllers canuse speed assignments such as "Maintain 160kts until 4 mile final" tohelp keep pilots arrive on time at their destination.

New Liveries

Most Infinite Flight updates come with a selection of new liveriesfor pilots to choose from and 21.1 is no exception.

We've also added a fresh coat of paint to our A350 and C172 incelebration of our 10 year anniversary!

21.1 Change Log

Full list of 21.1 additions, improvements, and fixes:


  • 3D Buildings and objects at 21 airports around the world. Infinite Flight is noweven more immersive and takes your simulator experience to new levels inmultiplayer and solo modes, and our 3D airport collection will grow quickly!
  • User-configurable cirrus cloud layer
  • ATC approach speed assignments for better arrival flow into controlled airports
  • ATC debrief page when closing a frequency
  • ATC commands such as outside of center airspace warning, and back taxi for tower
  • “Show Username in Flight†can now be changed while in session on select servers
  • 15 new liveries for various aircraft


  • Missing flight plans for users when the multiplayer server resets
  • Stats not saving after aircraft crash
  • Taxi speed violations after flying in XCub


  • Adding an approach procedure now automatically selects the airport as the final waypoint
  • Added missing PBR textures to older aircraft

Infinite Flight User Guide

The Infinite Flight community has historically been a great sourceof help and instruction for new pilots. In addition to this, users cannow reference a comprehensive set of user guides that range fromlaunching the app for the first time to in-depth instructions on howto use instrument procedures. Visit infiniteflight.com/guide to getstarted.

About Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight brings mobile flight simulation and Air Trafficcontrol to phones and tablets. Infinite Flight is a full-featured,multiplayer, mobile flight simulator for aviation lovers on thego. Enjoy the most comprehensive flight simulation experienceavailable on mobile devices-whether you are a curious novice or anaccomplished pilot. Fly alone in solo mode, or upgrade to the amazingLive multiplayer mode for the most engaging flying and ATC experiencewith other subscribers all around the world.


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