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Infinite Flight 20.2 Released


In its second major update of the year, Infinite Flight hasreleased version 20.2. It's an update that may seem to have widebodyvariants as the heroes, but if we dig deeper, there is much more atthe core.

The overwhelming demand at Infinite Flight is for aircraft and howthey're painted. Airliners are the first aviation experience formany. Even if the real-world single-engine pilot is honest, they mightadmit to first hopping in an airliner to give a new flight sim atry. This time around, Infinite Flight focused on some importantquality-of-life improvements and a complete overhaul of userauthentication. But, since the aircraft development team was crankingout more top-notch 777 variants, those are here too.


In the 20.1 update earlier this year, Infinite Flight launched thefirst major rework of the 777 family with the 777-200ER. With it camea new realistic sound pack and the sim's first fully animated Boeingcockpit. Now, users can enjoy a wide range of 777 aircraft with theaddition of the B777-200LR, B777F, and B777-300ER. Many liveries havebeen updated with new registrations to match their real-worldcounterparts, and the fleet boasts 17 brand new paint jobs for thisupdate.

B77L Liveries

  • Air Canada
  • Boeing
  • Crystal Luxury Air
  • Iraqi Airways

B77W Liveries

  • Air Canada
  • Air India
  • EgyptAir
  • Eva Air
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Saudia
  • United Airlines

B77F Liveries

  • ANA Cargo
  • DHL
  • Ethiopian Cargo
  • Eva Air Cargo
  • Saudi Cargo
  • Turkish Cargo

The above liveries are new. A full list of 777 liveries is shownin-app when selecting aircraft.

Feature Enhancements

Infinite Flight has paid close attention to its community and hasgiven some existing features a few highly requested upgrades. Theapp's comprehensive camera system now features a drone camera for allaircraft. Drone cam, which comes with interior and exterior sounds,allows the user to position the camera anywhere they like around theaircraft, even in flight. This allows for footage and screenshots thatwere previously not possible while the aircraft was inflight. Combined with the replay system, which replays flights even inmultiplayer, drone cam will give pilots full control over theirInfinite Flight storytelling.

In another effort to create more realism in Infinite Flight, 20.2contains some callsign selection changes. For GA flights, the callsignselection screen shows a full list of countries from which users canchoose. The prefix for these country-specific callsigns will beautomatically filled in, and the appropriate ID parameters displayedbased on the real-world specifications.

Reworked User Authentication

Sometimes the features that require the most work aren't ones thatusers can immediately get excited about. One such upgrade for 20.2 isto Infinite Flight's user authentication system, which has beenoverhauled from the ground up. One of the challenges to working withboth the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android is ensuringcross-platform compatibility, subscription handling, and a smooth userexperience for everyone. Further, server/backend updates are needed tokeep up with the growing number of users and to ensure that the apptechnology is modern so Infinite Flight developers can release regularupdates efficiently.

A new authentication system allows Infinite Flight to offersubscription discounts, trial periods, and much more. In addition,integration with the sim's community forum means greater visibilityfor pilots and ATC, as well as easier identification of users insupport situations.

Flight Plan Sharing

Sharing flight plans in Infinite Flight just got a lot easier!Infinite Flight pilots can now use the flight plan share icon to saveto their device, send to another app or via other methods offered byiOS. Two-way ForeFlight compatibility means practicing with your EFBahead of the actual flight is more convenient than ever. Flight PlanSharing uses Garmin's FPL format, so users can explore other ways touse them with services like SimBrief and SkyVector.

20.2 Change Log

Full list of 20.2 additions, improvements, and fixes:

  • REWORKED B77F, B77W, B77L which include 17 new liveries, real 777 sound pack, animated cockpit with live instruments, improved flight physics, main gear steering, gear tilt, wing flex, and more. All are available to Infinite Flight Pro subscribers
  • NEW Interior and Exterior drone cameras for all aircraft, which follow the aircraft even while in flight!
  • NEW completely reworked login and user system with account linking to the Infinite Flight community forum
  • NEW account settings screen for managing callsign, subscription, account linking, and accessing statistics
  • NEW customizable configurations for the flight data info bar. Switch using the “Interface†systems menu
  • NEW warning sound prior to receiving violations
  • NEW battery information in info bar (iOS only) and for ATC and Angle of Attack (AOA) in info bar
  • NEW Anonymous mode for users with linked forum accounts who do not wish to show their username in flight
  • NEW ATC commands including departure in sequence
  • NEW iOS Flight plan sharing/saving, compatible with ForeFlight, and more
  • IMPROVED callsign system with country-specific filters and rules
  • IMPROVED Autopilot SPD mode can no longer be enabled on the ground
  • IMPROVED C172 power & high AoA behavior
  • IMPROVED “Unable to Communicate†no longer issues violation but disconnects user
  • IMPROVED A320 engine geometry
  • FIXED Map filters for ATC
  • FIXED Visual approaches for center
  • FIXED Bug where winds would sometimes be based on camera position rather than aircraft
  • FIXED Pushback bug which would allow forward momentum during pushback
  • FIXED Pronunciation of callsigns (KLM and DHL, letters in identifiers)
  • FIXED Autopilot issues from when control sensitivity settings were changed
  • FIXED Surface layer fog now updates smoothly between weather reporting stations
  • FIXED B777 flaps
  • UPDATED Display names have been removed. Linking your Infinite Flight Community account in settings now allows you to display your forum username while in flight
  • IMPROVED “WPT†for aircraft start position no longer added to flight plan as first waypoint when on the ground. Closest airport will be used if found
  • IMPROVED XCub can now land off-airport without warnings or violations
  • IMPROVED Better support for SmoothTrack with OpenTrack
  • IMPROVED Back end systems with server performance improvements and bug fixes

Infinite Flight User Guide

The Infinite Flight community has historically been a great sourceof help and instruction for new pilots. In addition to this, users cannow reference a comprehensive set of user guides that range fromlaunching the app for the first time to in-depth instructions on howto use instrument procedures. Visit infiniteflight.com/guide to getstarted.

About Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight brings mobile flight simulation and Air Trafficcontrol to phones and tablets. Infinite Flight is a full-featured,multiplayer, mobile flight simulator for aviation lovers on thego. Enjoy the most comprehensive flight simulation experienceavailable on mobile devices-whether you are a curious novice or anaccomplished pilot. Fly alone in solo mode, or upgrade to the amazingLive multiplayer mode for the most engaging flying and ATC experiencewith other subscribers all around the world.

For more official news and information, please visit our blog:


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