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IndiaFoxtTecho Details Plans For MSFS 2020 Carriers


Busy weekend dotted by hardware failures (we had a motherboardfailure on the computer on which we do MSFS project integration) -luckily local computer stores with good off-the-shelf components anddecent prices still exist! The important thing is that nothing waslost in the process.

...so back to development, we have received a number of questionsregarding the carrier screen shots we have recently shown - andfrankly we think they are overhyped.

Just to set the record straight, first: in our opinion the best andmost realistic carrier operations environment is by far DCSSupercarrier. Second: there are a lot of limitations at the moment inMSFS so that decent carrier ops simulations cannot be achieved.

That being said, we are developing a small fleet of HIGHLY detailedcarriers as STATIC objects, just to create a "companion" package forthe F-35 and mostly to highlight the differences between the F-35variants.


At the moment we have:

  • America class LHA (meant to be used with the F-35B of course):
    • USS LHA-6 in the China Sea, not far from from the Japanese Coast, close to Nagasaki, Japan.
    • USS LHA-7 off the coast of San Diego, USA
  • Gerald R. Ford class CVN (for the F-35C):
    • USS Gerald R. Ford CVN-78, North of NAS Key West, USA

As for the CVN-78, if you are reading this, probably we do not needto add anything else: even setting a 30 knots wind blowing from thebow of the ship (which makes things a little better) it is not arealistic simulation of a carrier landing. Still... it is fun, and wethought that it was a nice addition to the package (with an acceptabledevelopment cost).

Contrary to other add-ons, with which we do not want to compete(this is basically a fun "side project") the launch and arrestfunctionality is coded at aircraft level:

Currently, if you lower the launch bar on the F-35C and apply fullthrottle, that will trigger a "virtual catapult" which will send youin the air with a realistic acceleration.

Similarly, landing with the hook down will trigger a realisticdeceleration. THESE WILL WORK ON ANY SURFACE in the game.

In addition to that, it would we quite easy to recreate some basicLSO radio calls* and detect which "wire" you have engaged by checkingyour position against the carrier location (but that will work only onthe CVN-78).

We plan to share the code (which is however very simple) for otherdevs or the community to make it better or make other planescompatible with the carrier.

If time allows, we will work on a Nimitz-class for the T-45C withsimilar features.

And yes, we have also considered making the Queen Elizabeth and theCavour... and these may come at a later date.

As for the release, we think it *may* be better to keep thisseparate from the F-35 package, if anything to make updates easier. Ifit will be a separate package, it will be a very inexpensive payware(but we are also considering a free release).

...that is it for the moment. We know this is disappointing forsome, but we want to be extremely clear and make sure the ourmarketing material does not oversell our products.

Then, hopefully we'll get proper carriers support in future (forthe record, MSFS assets already contain traces of a workingcarrier)...

* - As for the LSO we cannot confirm anything yet. Still, if youare American and you believe you have the proper voice and accent torecord the radio calls for us, please contact us with a privatemessage.

IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 Latest Update

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