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IndiaFoxtTecho Current Roadmap For 2022-23


Time for an update on our roadmap for 2022-23... with the usualcaveat that anything may be subject to change and that for all of ourproducts the release logic is "it is done when it is done" - so theseare just ballpark dates.


F-35 Lightning II

We are currently working on bug fixes and improvements. As usual wewill release updates on a regular basis. The biggest improvement weare looking to is a proper FCS implementation, which means a totalremake of the flight model.

As for the Marketplace / XBox Release, we have passed the firstcheck (formal package structure, information etc.) and the aircraft isundergoing functional tests in Microsoft. We'll keep you posted.


Sukhoi SU-31

This project took a lot longer than we expected, but it is on shortfinal. We are not super-happy with the flight model - although itshould be OK for most players, it is definitely not good enough forany kind of serious training.

We will try to polish it more - possibly with the help of realworld pilots. We will provide more information soon.

Expected release date: March 2022.

Aermacchi M-346

We have been working hard on 3D model details and new textures aswe felt that our P3D assets were inadequate for MSFS.

We are still struggling with some details and complex animations,and there is some work to be done on the flight model and on theavionics, but we are quite happy with the results so far.

Expected release date: not sooner than April 2022.

Eurofighter Typhoon (New Project)

As many of you have guessed, we are working on an EurofighterTyphoon project for MSFS.

It will NOT be a conversion of our P3D project, as we feel that the3D assets are not adequate to current standards, instead we will beremaking it from scratch.

We do not have a release date for it, but surely it will not beready before fall 2022. We'll keep you posted.


F-14D Super Tomcat (Experimental Project)

We have also been working on an F-14D Super Tomcat. However, thisis mostly a "technology test bench", which we are using to try newtechniques and test the capabilities of MSFS.

For one, the project is using an extremely high detail mesh (about1.3 million polygons) and high resolution textures - which are notyielding great FPS on most systems.

As such, the project has a number of issues for a commercialrelease - moreover, it has to compete with the various F-14s availableon different platforms.

So, at the moment it will still be treated as an experimental project.


Other Projects For MSFS (No Release Date)

MB-326 - We had started working on a total remake of ourMB-326 project months ago. The progress on this project has been veryslow as the F-35 Project took way more resources and time than what weplanned. We need to reschedule the activities on this.

M-345 - The project is on-hold waiting for development ofthe real-world aircraft.

TA-4 / A-4 Skyhawk - We have started reviewing our sourcematerial and planning for a Flight Simulator version of theseaircraft.

Mini 500 Helicopter - When we started tinkering with customflight models, we had annouced this as an experimental project -however we did not have the resources needed to work on this as muchas we wanted. The project is on hold at the moment.

E-2C Hawkeye - A new version for MSFS is being consideredand feasibility study is in progress.

C-27J Spartan - We have started collecting information onthis aircraft for a potential new project, but it is not green lightedyet.


Note: For DCS we will only discuss projects we have agreedwith Eagle Dynamics. We cannot (and will not) announce or discussanything for which we had not signed an agreement with them.

That is to say that we have a number of cool ideas, but as you knowDCS development is way more labor-intensive than other platforms, andbefore announcing anything we want to be sure that the project iscorrectly planned and staffed, agreements are in place etc.

DCS MB-339 - While final test is undergoing, we are workingto complete some missing features (like multi-crew) as we want theproject to be as complete as possible.

DCS G-91 - We are moving forward with 3D modeling andtexturing of the cockpit - results are looking really good so far.

For both projects we will provide more detailed updates in the nextfew weeks.

See IndiaFoxtEcho add-ons at the FlightSim.Com Store

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