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IndiaFoxtEcho Updates USS America Package For MSFS


NOTAM - We have just released a minor update for the USS Americapackage, which fixes the incorrect position of the objects on the deckfor the LHA-6 placed in Hawaii. The update will be available with thetypical lead times (already available at the FlightSim.Com Store). Thepackage was also sent to Microsoft, but we have no news of the USSAmerica (or the USS Ford) for that platform.

Aside, speaking of Microsoft, the F-35 was reviewed by theirquality team and it seems OK... BUT there seems to be a problem withthe encryption, which causes extremely long lead times in some caseson PC and X-Box. The problem is under investigation. It is unlikelythat the F-35 will be released on the Marketplace before this problemis solved.

See IndiaFoxtEcho products at the FlightSim.Com Store

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