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IndiaFoxtEcho Updates Progress On MSFS Projects


As we have not provided updates on our other projects in a while,here is a quick summary of where we are:

T-45C Goshawk

We have decided to invest some time to learn how to make a decentHUD in HTML5+JavaScript (as opposed to the legacy XML code). The mainreason for this is better readability with different graphic settingsand portability to XBox - also, it is a technology that will be usefulfor the F-35 and M-346.

We have also implemented Sim Update V cockpit interaction model andwe will have flight model and avionics improvements. We HOPE torelease this shortly, but as usual no shortcuts: it is done when it isdone.




Aermacchi M-346

We are remaking a few 3D parts as we thought they were not goodenough by our current standards. Apart from that, external textureshave been remastered to 8K and cockpit rebuild/retexturing iscomplete. We will also redo the HUD with HTML5/Javascript. Bestestimate for a beta is end of October.

Sukhoi SU-31

This project is moving forward...but not as quickly as wewant. Most of the modeling/avionics/cockpit interaction bugs have beensolved, Sim Update V cockpit model has been implemented and flightmodel has been refined...but it is not yet satisfactory.

We do not have a release date for it at the moment.

Also, we have been receiving a lot of messages about our futureprojects: at the moment we have nothing to announce BUT of course weare considering remaking our older planes (if we made them it isbecause we love them), but our focus is to try our best to deliverquality projects and this will be the driving factor of our futurechoices.


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