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Indiafoxtecho Updates On Long-Ez And MB-339 For MSFS


Quick development update on various projects for Microsoft FlightSimulator:

LONG-EZ: the aircraft is complete and ready for release,however it seems that the upcoming patch for MSFS will introduce somechanges in the dynamics, so I think it is better to postpone therelease a little and check that there are no compatibility issuesfirst.

The price has been set to €15 (+ applicable taxes).

Due to technical constraints, it is likely to appear on otherdistribution platforms before it shows up on the MicrosoftMarketplace.

MB-339: we are moving forward very quickly with this one...Ihope we'll have a complete build for internal testing in a week orso. Please do not start asking for Beta access at this point...testingwill proceed as usual.

Now...I do not want to crush your dream of flying in aerobaticteams with the MB-339... but there are two major restrictions at themoment:

1) The smoke system is not working at the moment in MSFS... it ison the Asobo Studio roadmap, but at the moment it is not there.

2) Unfortunately the simulator, at the moment, is set up in such away that, if you are getting too close to another aircraft, it willdisappear... this is probably done on purpose in order to preventtoxic players from "crashing" into others while playing online...butit is no good at all for formation flying. Hopefully this can befixed.

M-346: Hopefully, the next MSFS will fix the issue of long leadtimes while loading the aircraft... at the moment it is very difficultto make some progress with it.

Then, as you may be aware of, we have several other projects inthe works: nothing to announce at the moment, but I hope I will beable to release some screen shots soon(ish).

Indiafoxtecho MSFS LongEZ Update
Indiafoxtecho Ending X-Plane 11 Development

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