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IndiaFoxtEcho Updates MB-339 To v1.3.0 MSFS


Changelog Version 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 - NOTE: starting from this version, release numberingwill follow the three digit format of the Microsoft Marketplace.

  • Fixed glitch causing heat blur effect to disappear in certain conditions
  • Internal reorganization of 3D models (nodes and hierarchy)
  • Added high altitude contrail effect
  • Added Sim Update V landing special effects
  • Redone ADI and backup ADI animation
  • Repackaged to Sim Update V standards
  • Improved fuel flow indications, consumption and range*
  • Minor improvements to flight model
  • Implemented Sim Update V cockpit interface (necessary for XBox)
  • Restored Mouse Drag functionality on many controls
  • Fixed minor misalignment of ADI bank needle
  • Fixed glitch preventing proper placement of HSI lubber line
  • Fixed several minor glitches in virtual cockpit model
  • Fixed several minor glitches in external models
  • Copilot figure is now optional: will disappear if copilot weight is set to 70lbs or less
  • Added backup ADI setting and mouse area
  • Added Marker Sensitivity Switch
  • Cabin Press switch now functional, also cabin press indications are now more realistic
  • VOR and TACAN power switches must noe be set to ON to get readings on the HSI
  • Added several animations in the cockpit (cosmetic only, may receive proper implementation in future)
  • Armament will now display "TANK" if a tank is loaded on a pylon on A and AMLU variants
  • Added smoke system (white and colored)**
  • Added PAN model variants loaded with green and red smoke

* NOTE: it seems that there still a problem with fuel flowvs. altitude vs. Mach no. dependency in MSFS. This new versionimplements a new formula to calculate fuel flow indication, whichshould provide values closer to the real aircraft in manyconditions. However, actual fuel consumption (and range) is calculateddifferently by the sim engine: this is set to provide the best rangein most conditions, so actual range of the aircraft can be nowoverestimated at low altitudes (but should be correct and medium andhigh altitudes).

** NOTE: the smoke system is implemented to work as in reallife, that is, in order to operate it:

  • SMOKE switch must be set to ON (this is the master power switch for the smoke system)
  • WHITE switch must be set to ON (this is the power switch for the white tank)
  • COLOR switch must be set to ON (this is the power switch for the color tank)

...then, to activate the smoke, you will need to use the following toggle switches (you may want to assign them to stick buttons):


When the system is working, the relevant advisory lights willilluminate. The default PAN model has white smoke on both tanks. Redand green smoke variants are available as "repaints".

NOTE: due to a simulator bug, effects may not show if activated in the internal views in certain conditions.

[Note: the updated version is available in the FlightSim.Com Store.]

MB-339 in FlightSim.Com Store

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