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IndiaFoxtEcho Update on SU-31 For MSFS 2020


Since some have asked, here is a quick update on one of our "sideprojects", that is the SU-31 - not great news I am afraid.

Apart from the fact that the flight model did not meet theexpectations of some of the testers, it also turned out that some ofthe dimensions of the commercial mesh we started from were incorrect -even to a 10% error. This escaped to our initial inspection but it isclearly not acceptable.


Apart from that, the plane needs some code rework to comply withSim Update V standards, some improvement on the textures and badlyneeds custom sounds for the M-14P engine.

Therefore the project has suffered major delays and currently doesnot comply to our quality standards.

On the good side, we have have already reworked the 3D file so thatthe dimensional error is now below 1%, the textures for the defaultlivery have been fixed and most of the system and control bugs havebeen fixed. Project is still active and we'll continue working onit.

We will try our best not to ship garbage.



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