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IndiaFoxtEcho Releases v1.2.2 For Long-EZ For MSFS 2020


IndiaFoxTecho announces the release of an updated version 1.2.2 for their Long-EZ aircraft for MSFS 2020. The update includes miscellaneous fixes and improves, such as revised control surface animations, redone ADI animation, improved propeller as well as some additional liveries.

Changelog Version 1.2.2 – Miscellaneous Fixes And Improvements

  • Revised control surface animations
  • Redone ADI animation to fix minor inaccuracies, also increased movement by 5°
  • Fixed minor animation bug in canard control surfaces hinges
  • Improved rendering of propeller and its animations
  • Improved control surfaces animations
  • Improved handling (pitch control) - NOTE it is now slightly more difficult to "stall" the canard surfaces
  • Minor tweaks to flight dynamics
  • Slighly relaxed conditions for speedbrake blowback
  • Included additional liveries courtesy of Sebastien Rocque
  • Revised CoG limitations
  • Fixed bug preventing autopilot to work with certain liveries

Changelog Version 1.2.1 – Minor fixes for Marketplace release (note: this version was released only on Microsoft Marketplace)

  • Improved mouse drag interaction on some switches
  • Added missing component behavior to COM1 SWAP button
  • Fixed Aircraft Description

If you purchased the Long-EZ from the FlightSim.Com Store theupdate is available for you to download now.

IndiaFoxtEcho Long-EZ at the FlightSim.Com Store

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