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IndiaFoxtEcho Quick Update On The Status Of The F-35 Project


Since many are asking about the status of the F-35 project, hereare some good and bad news. Let's start with the bad news first: we DONOT have a release date at the moment, and the reason is that we havereceived a huge amount of feedback and suggestions during the Betastage, and we are trying to chase EVERY one of them.

As of today, we have logged no less than 224 change requests comingfrom Internal tests, Alpha test and Beta 1 test and we addressed 202of them.

The good news: we believe the quality of the product is now muchbetter and we believe it would be acceptable for a commercialrelease... BUT we are not releasing it until we have fixed at leastsome of the outstanding issues.

We expect to release a Beta 2 to the test group very soon - releasedate will depend on the feedback from Beta 2. We'll keep you posted.Unfortunately the effort on the F-35 took most of our time andresources over the past ten days, so we still owe you updates on theMB-339 and T-45C. Long story short:



An update is in the works mostly to fix the smoke issue generatedby SU6 and SU7. The update is almost ready, and will bring some othersmall improvements too.


The last update was meant to improve the flight model, which wasbroken after SU6, however some of the modifications were too extremeand the aircraft is now too maneuverable and needs to be fixed. Wewill also improve the HUD and the (fake) carrier dynamics - as a note,our CVN-78 model will have a T-45 Carrier Qualificationconfiguration.


No need for updates at the moment (fingers crossed).


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