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IndiaFoxtEcho Project Updates And Sim Update V Compatibility Statement


Yesterday we have received a notification from Microsoft that theupcoming Sim Update V will not be completely compatible with XMLlegacy code at launch: although many commands are supported, some arenot and this created quite a big problem for us.

While the change is, in some sense, for the better for the platform(Sim Update V performance is way better than the previous versions), anumber of third party aircraft may not work as intended or crash thesim.

This is the status of our projects at the moment:

LONG-EZ: the current version should be fully compatible with SUV at launch. We plan to release a small update to embrace the new cockpit interaction model.

MB-339: should work fine with SUV, although some displayswill look too bright at night. An update will be released soon whichwill bring a number of small improvements, including a fix the fuelconsumption issues and a draft smoke system implementation.

T-45C GOSHAWK: BAD NEWS: while most of the aircraft works inSUV, the HUD does not - basically making the plane unflyable from thecockpit. We are working on a quick fix creating a HTML5-based HUDwhich will work as a temporary solution - it will have limitedfunctionality, but at least the plane will be flyable.

Unfortunately, this problem affects also the development of theM-346 and the F-35, which will suffer significant delays.

The SU-31 on the other hand is fine, and test will proceed as soonas SUV is released.


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