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Indiafoxtecho Now Official DCS Developer


From the beginning of the commercial operations of IndiaFoxtEchofive years ago, many of you suggested (or should I say requested) thatI should port my projects to DCS... even if just as simple mods.

I always bounced back those requests for a number of reasons, themain one being the fact that there DCS is a very different beast fromother simulators and, to create a high quality module, you need adedicated team.

OK...so here is the big "organizational" announcement I teased fewdays ago: in the past months I have been working with severaldevelopers to build a sustainable team of contractors able to createand support high-quality mods for DCS (andA increase the productivityof IndiaFoxtEcho on other platforms too).

Together with that team, and thanks to their hard work, I have alsobeen working with Eagle Dynamics and we are happy and proud toannounce that INDIAFOXTECHO is now an OFFICIAL DCS THIRD PARTYDEVELOPER.

Given that many team members have been previously involved in theFrecce Tricolori Virtuali development team, I guess it is notsurprising that our first project is the MB-339 for DCS: this will bean official payware module that will greatly expand thefunctionalities of the freeware mod and will feature substantiallyenhanced graphics.

We are working on other projects too, but we cannot announceanything at the moment. One thing we can tell you that the team iscommitted to delivering high quality aircrafts with a high level ofrealism.

Indiafoxtecho Long-EZ For MSFS Update
Indiafoxtecho M-346 Development Continues

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