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Indiafoxtecho Mini Review Of MSFS


READY FOR TAKEOFF...Microsoft Flight Simulator IS FINALLY HERE...andthe internet is reacting very vigorously to its release. The reviewsI have seen so far, mostly from the gaming community, are verypositive...but there is also no shortage of people who are unimpressedif not extremely upset and disappointed. I am sorry I could notprovide my comments before, as I was bound by the NDA, but restassured that the criticism within the Beta community was fierce (tothe point of unpoliteness in some case) and I believe that Microsoftand Asobo Studio did a remarkable work listening to community feedbackand woking to do something new and better.

That being said, I wanted to share my point of view in my ownreview...but yet another review of MSFS is probably one thing you donot need. Still here are my top 5 like-don't like things and somenotes from a development standpoint...

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