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IndiaFoxtEcho MB-339 Navigation Tips


As many users may not familiar with the navigation system of jetslike the MB-339, here is a quick introduction which covers the basics:VOR navigation and GPS navigation.

It is not a full tutorial on how a VOR works, but should be enoughto make anyone able to follow a flight plan in MSFS.

As for the Flight Director, the functions are quite easy: There aretwo "horizontal modes" and three "vertical modes".

The horizontal modes are:

  • HDG - FD vertical bar will provide steering indications for theheading selected with the HSI knob
  • RNAV - FD vertical bar will provide steering indications for thenavigation system selected on the HSI panel

The vertical modes are:

  • GS - Glideslope: the horizontal bar provides glideslopeindication if the frequency currently selected has a glideslope
  • GS ARM - Glideslope "armed": no glideslope indication...but itwill become active once the frequency currently selected has aglideslope
  • ALT - once pushed, sets the current altitude as reference andprovides guidance to keep that altitude.

Also, as shown in the video, MSFS currently does not support properTACAN navigation: the TACAN on the MB-339 basically acts as NAV2.

Last, the MB-339 still suffers from a bug from the "FSX era", sothat in some instances the OBS knob does not allow fine tuning anymoreand just works in 10 degrees increments...we will try to fix that inthe next update.

IndiaFoxtEcho Releases Aermacchi MB-339 Update v1.10
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