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IndiaFoxtEcho Long-EZ Updated to v1.16


We have just released a VERY small update to the Long-EZ that shouldfix the "out-of-focus-on-one-eye" problem in Virtual Reality. We alsotook the chance to take the Long-EZ for a couple of test flights toinvestigate the effects of Sim Update III - which, truth to be told,were not completely satisfactory. On the good side, landing behaviorseems a little better - with a slightly gentler touchdown. On theother side, the plane seemed (even) more difficult to trim... but onlyin some cases (may be depending on the weather?). Plane is stillflyable and "numbers" seem correct, so maybe it was just animpression.

Version 1.16 - Quick fix

  • Fixed Weather Occlusion in v1.15
  • Fixed Minor Texture glitch in v1.15

Version 1.15

  • Added Cockpit Collision model for Virtual Reality

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