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Indiafoxtecho Long-EZ For MSFS Update


A couple of last minute changes to the Long-EZ for Microsoft FlightSimulator...

  • The main instrument panel is back to its original blueishcolor. Although very uncommon I think it is a better fit with the restof the textures.
  • The main external and internal textures have been remastered to8K... not a huge change from the external views (...maybe it is morenoticeable with a 4K monitor but I do not have one) but the cockpitview is definitely sharper.
  • I put back the optional stick in the rear seat... I am not sureanyone will use the backseat for flying (or at all), but looks coolerfor screen shots.


The package is being reviewed by Microsoft, which may or may nothave comments or change requests. I have no idea on how long thereview process is, but I am holding the release to other distributorsjust to make sure that there are no changes required by the Microsofteditors: having different products for different distributors is anightmare to manage, so I'll do what I can to avoid that.

Then, I totally understand why Microsoft wants to moderate thecontent on its Marketplace... but some of the rules do not fit thatwell with the models I am doing and I'd like to do. We'll see and I'lljudge on a case-by-case basis... in ther worst case, I will use"traditional" simulation distribution channels to deliver myproducts.


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Indiafoxtecho Updates On Long-Ez And MB-339 For MSFS

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