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IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 Project Update


F-35 project update (CTDs, carriers, Xbox release and other stuff).

First, we are sorry for the lack of updates and replies to yourcomments - we have been very busy at work on several things, and weprioritize direct requests for help (either via private messages oremails).

Close To Desktop Issues

Let's start with the elephant in the room, that is CTDs.

Unfortunately, after the initial claim by Microsoft that they wereable to replicate CTDs on the F-35, their investigation did not leadto much. The latest report we have received from them (on F-35 build1.0.1) is that "it is a very solid build [...] with no CTDs".

This is CLEARLY NOT THE CASE in reality - as way too many users arereporting problems with this plane. And frankly we do not believe itis acceptable that a user has to fiddle with his/her configurationsfor hours in order to get it to work.

The latest news, by the way, is that there are users who get rid ofthe CTDs by flying the T-45C first.

On the other hand, there are many users, including Microsoft testteam apparently, that have no problems at all with the package - whichmakes the issue even more puzzling.

We suspect that the problems lie on the HUD/HMD code, and arerestructuring it, getting rid of a everything which is not strictlynecessary, We will also provide an alternate configuration which usesthe F/A-18 HUD just in case.

AS FOR DIRECTX 12 - A significant portion of the support request wereceive for F-35 CTDs is linked to immediate CTDs with DirectX 12. Aswe said before, the DX12 implementation is a Beta and it is notcompatible with the F-35. HOWEVER good news are that, according toMicrosoft, this will be fixed in SU8.

X-Box And PC Marketplace Release

This are both on hold. While we have positive feedback on the lastbuild, the CTD reports are still too many. We will resubmit the newbuild (1.0.2) as soon as it is available.

Ford-Class Carriers

They are ready for release except the manual... we expect them tobe available for purchase shortly.

F-35 Project Update

The next build (1.0.2) will solve a couple of (minor) graphicalmistakes, will feature a significant code cleanup of the HUD/HMD. Bypopular demand we are also increasing the engine sound volume.

We do not have a release date for 1.0.2 but it is a question of days.

We are also working on a major rework of the flight dynamics, witha proper implementation of FCS, but this will come at a laterdate.

And What Is Next?

We'll provide an update to our roadmap in a couple of weeks.


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