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IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 Project Delayed


Some not so good news on the F-35 release: we have been workingvery hard for the past few weeks to achieve a satisfactory level ofquality for a release before the end of October - but it is nowabundantly clear to us that it will not happen, as the plane is not asgood as we'd like.

We are working on several improvements which, in our opinion, willbring the product to a much better shape. Here are the major things weare working on:


COCKPIT - The graphics quality of the cockpit was consideredunsatisfactory in the latest team review, and we have been workingreally hard to improve the geometry and texture quality.

FLIGHT MODEL - While the general performance was OK, we arenot happy with sustained turns, approach speeds and response toaggressive manoeuvring. Also, we are improving the enginedynamics.

AVIONICS - We are introducing a number of improvements tothe Primary Control Display so that it will be one step closer to thereal deal in terms of graphics and pilot interface (since we aremissing the sensors simulation we think it is important thateverything else is as good as we can make it).


We will keep you updated on the progress and will advise on thetentative delivery date once these changes are finalized.

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