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IndiaFoxtTecho F-35 Lightning II Update


First, we wanted to THANK YOU for your overwhelming support to ourdecision to put the F-35 release on hold.

Having such a dedicated and understanding customer base is awesome.

Also, we know that many of you have been anxiously waiting for theF-35 - and seeing it was delayed just few days before Christmas was ahuge disappointment.

We'd like also to thank the test team - we had a very wide testbase for this project, and we experimented a public discussion on ourDiscord server (that was appreciated by most...and hated by afew).

After extensive testing, we think we have SOLID EVIDENCE that theCTDs ARE NOT CAUSED DIRECTLY BY THE F-35. In particular, theaircraft:

  • Does not generate errors in the MSFS console during package building, loading and flight
  • All the code and scripts have been checked for errors multiple times with different tools, no errors reported
  • Most testers reported no errors in extremely long flights and complex flight activities

Also, most of the testers who had CTD problems were able to fixthem. Problems were related, in most cases, to:

  • Nvidia drivers
  • Hags (especially with AMD cards)
  • Scenery cache and content not up-to-date
  • English (US) language package missing from Windows
  • Azure text-to-speech problems
  • Audio drivers
  • Windows update

...and the list goes on.

Still, it remains a percentage of users with CTD problems, whichseem worse if they use the F-35, and we are trying to get to thebottom of this before committing to a new release date.

We'll do more testing in the next few days and we'll keep you posted.


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