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IndiaFoxtEcho - F-35 Lightning II for MSFS 2020 v1.1.3 Released


Changelog v1.1.3

  • Fixed incorrect fuel quantity on F-35C
  • Fixed incorrect range for F-35C in UI
  • Redone all thumbnails as wheelchocks were not compliant with Microsoft thumbnail policy
  • Change parking entry from "ANY" to "MIL_COMBAT"
  • Fixed conflict between "fuel and payload" menu and SMS page
  • Fixed incorrect illumination of covers and streamers

About The IndiaFoxtEcho F-35

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is an American family ofsingle-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole combataircraft that is intended to perform both air superiority and strikemissions.

It is also able to provide electronic warfare and intelligence,surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

The aircraft has three main variants: the conventional takeoff andlanding (CTOL) F-35A, the short take-off and vertical-landing (STOVL)F-35B, and the carrier-based (CV/CATOBAR) F-35C.



Key features of this rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator are:

  • Detailed representation of the three variants of the aircraft, showcasing individual differences and commonalities
  • Detailed external visual model and cockpit, based on extensive research
  • Realistic pilot interface through the Primary Control Display (PCD) based on real world simulators
  • Liveries for all the air forces and services that are currently flying the F-35
  • Realistic flight dynamics based on publicly available data
  • STOVL capabilities for the F-35B
  • Carrier capabilities for the F-35C (special code to perform assisted takeoff and landing from any static surface)
  • Sound package based on real world recordings



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