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IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 Latest Update


After the latest internal review, we think we have cleared most ofthe quality issues that drove our decision to delay the release of theF-35, but at the moment the projected release date is around theNovember 15th - which makes no sense as Sim Update 7 is planned forNovember 18th (and it is supposed to fix a number of the shortcomingsof the simulator for supersonic fighter jets). Moreover, there isalways the chance that SU7 may break some of the features of the plane- so we will first wait for the release of SU7, check that everythingworks and if there is any important improvement we can make with thenew features and then release the F-35.


The extra time will be spent in adding some features that wepreviously decided to leave out from the initial build... such as areworked autopilot interface and a static CVN-78 carrier (we do notlike static carrier approach as it is not very realistic, but it is amuch requested feature). Do not expect anything as good as the DCSSupercarrier, but at least you will be able to perform launch andrecoveries (and if you set 30 kts wind from the bow the approachdynamics is still not realistic, but not incredibly awful).

...and speaking about DCS, we know we have been very quiet latelyon that platform, but that is because we have been working hard onit. We will have more news next week.


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