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IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 Development Update


We have (almost) completed the main structure of the cockpit and weare moving to the canopy and the ejection seat. As we did for theexternal models, we have remade everything we consideredunsatisfactory in the P3D...and in the case of the cockpit it meantthe whole thing. It took a while but we think it was worth it - hereare some screen shots (canopy and seat missing, some parts notcompletely textured).


One thing we do not like is that, at the moment, we still have anXML-drive HMD. It would be much better to do it in HTML and we areexperimenting with that... but results are not completely satisfactoryin terms of functionality and there are some serious bugs. We plannedto "steal" something from the Top Gun Super Hornet... but we are notsure on the release date (maybe it will get delayed since the moviehas been recently postponed to 2022?)

Note that at the moment all of our liveries have the "older" finish(that is with lighter gray on the panels edges) - while newer planeshave a more uniform and smooth look (which we'll try to include but nopromises here).



The F-35C model is still unfinished (landing gear, weapon bays andother details need to be textured), but here is a WIP screen shot.

We do not have a release window yet: as per our usual policy "it isdone when it is done". We HOPE we'll have a test version in a month orso... but we do not want to cut any corner.


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