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IndiaFoxtEcho Dev Update On F-35C


We are having a lot of fun with Microsoft Flight Simulator whiletesting the -C variant of the F-35, which has now its first twocomplete liveries: VF-101 line and NAWDC "Top Gun" (that has recentlyreceived its first two jets).

There is still some work to do on this variant (tailhook, weaponbays, fuel probe and crew ladder are still missing animation andtextures) but it is not far from completion.

Since we are speaking about the carrier variant...at the moment weare not planning to include a traditional carrier, reason being that -as far as we know, dynamic carriers are not landable - it is possibleto create a static ship (and we did some work on one), but carrier opsfrom a static ship does not seem acceptable for us at the moment... wehoped that the Top Gun package will fix this.


Also, we have been talking with Microsoft (again) to discuss thepossibility of adding weapons, even if hidden or as "Eastereggs"...and the answer is no. No weapons whatsoever.

We are strongly considering to differentiate the Marketplace andthe non-Marketplace versions, with the Markeplace one being "pacifist"and the non-Marketplace having at least AIM-120s, AIM-9s, GBUs andgunpod (we are obviously talking about static weapons).

Last, release date and price: we do not have a release date just yet.

We are trying to have a reasonably complete test build in thesedays, but there is still some work in several areas.

As for the price, final price has not been set - but it will be inline with our previous offerings: we do not believe thatsuper-expensive add-ons are the best choice for MSFS for this kind ofaircraft, and we think that we may be selling more copies with arelatively low price.


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