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IndiaFoxtEcho Clarifies F-35 Release Plans


NOTAM - We have received several messages today asking about theMSFS F-35 release. Apparently, there is a rumor that the release isquestion of hours. While we appreciate your interest in this project,we DO NOT have a release date for the F-35 yet.

We will first check it against Sim Update VII (which will bereleased Thursday) and we will try to leverage some of the featuresthat will be introduced with it (like FINALLY properafterburners).

It is therefore IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY that the plane will beavailable any time before Saturday November 27th.

Speaking about Sim Update VII(*) once it will be available, we willrelease updates for all of our aircraft (Long-EZ, MB-339 andT-45).

* NOTE: Microsoft has provided us with a preview build of SUVII,however, for some reason, we were not able to install it on some ofour computers. In any case, we always wait for the final build beforetaking action - as historically the test build had significantdifferences from the final version.


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