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IndiaFoxtEcho Announces XBox Releases of Long-EZ And MB-339


NOTAM - Long-EZ And MB-339 Marketplace Update And Xbox Releases

Apparently, the Long-EZ and the MB-339 have been finally clearedfor release on the XBox and should be available in the next fewdays. Please note that, since Microsoft wanted us to change a coupleof minor things, the packages that will be available in theMarketplace will be SLIGHTLY more advanced than the ones availableelsewhere. This is because we had to include a number of minor fixeswhich were already present in our internal build but were planned fora later release along with other fixes/improvements. We will release afurther update to ALL the distributors soon.

Here is the situation in detail:


Version 1.3.1 - Miscellaneous fixes for Marketplace release

  • Fixed bug causing landing/taxi light switch animation not to work
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect interaction while pressing the G-Valve test pushbutton
  • Fixed reversed animation in Cabin Press switch
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment in ejection handle base
  • Improved mouse interaction with some knobs (altimeter setting, HDG and CRS)
  • Fixed missing description localization for A-MLU version

To do for the next update -> New engine dynamics, several graphicalimprovements...and a couple of surprises.


Version 1.2.1 - Minor fixes for Marketplace release

  • Improved mouse drag interaction on some switches
  • Added missing component behavior to COM1 SWAP button
  • Fixed Aircraft Description

To do for the next update -> New liveries

We are also working on the T-45C, but we have some concerns as theHUD may not render correctly (or acceptably) on X-Box Series S due theresolution and image processing on that version. A similar issue mayexist on the X-Box Series X, but it should be less evident.

We'll discuss this in detail in a future post.


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