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Impulse Simulations Releases Bendigo Airport MSFS


Welcome to Bendigo, located just 150 Kilometres north-west ofMelbourne. Here you’ll find one of Australia’s boomtowns after alarge discovery of Gold in Bendigo Creek.

We have worked closely with the Airport management to recreate thislocation to the best of our ability, and we aim to revisit this oncethe new terminal is built!

Bendigo Airport is the largest capacity airport in north-centralVictoria, with a catchment that extends up into New South Wales andencompasses other regional centres inclusive of Shepparton, Echuca &Swan Hill. Just six kilometres to the Bendigo CBD, the terminal isequipped with a cafe, hire car services, free Wi-Fi and a variety ofpassenger services to ensure your travels through the airport aresmooth and enjoyable.


  • Full PBR Texturing
  • 20cm Aerial Coverage provided by Metromap (Aerometrex)
  • 100+ Custom Assets
  • Detailed Taxiway & Ground markings
  • 15,000+ Hand Placed Objects
  • Accurate Terminal Model & Interior
  • Realistic Night Lighting
  • Interactive Hangars (HEMS & Bendigo Aviation Services) will open and close based on user distance.
  • Corrected Vegetation for airport and surroundings.
  • Custom POI’s
    • Bendigo Base Hospital (Including Helipad)
    • Central Deborah Gold Mine
    • Sacred Heart Cathedral (Includes Correct Night Lighting
    • The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion
  • Custom Height Data 5 Meter
  • Custom Fuel Points
  • Custom Airport Services
  • Runway Guard Lights
  • Custom Animations


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