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Ilumium Simulation Releases Freeware Divaca Airport


LJDI - Divaca Airport is a fully functional freeware airport add-onfor MSFS. It covers a small airport in Primorska region of Slovenia(EU).

This is an updated re-visit of the airport done for FSX andP3D. This time this was a learning ground for new methods and newways of bringing airports and other elements into the new simenvironment. Thus it is not merely a port of an old version to a newplatform, but is also spruced up with PBR textures, recompiles ofmodels, sloped runways and new underlays.


Since the area is poorly covered with MSFS imagery due to cloudcover, both the airport grounds and wider surroundings including thetown of Divaca have been newly compiled, color tuned and missinggreenery and elements added. The visuals in the new sim, the graphicengine, the lighting and the overall atmosphere are simply stunningand the add-on has got a completely new lease of life.


The features you will enjoy are:

  • Custom underlays for immediate and wider area of the airport
  • Custom-built models of all buildings at the airport fully replicating the existing infrastructure
  • Refreshed and PBR textures
  • Functional airport with 2 runways, taxiways, aprons and parking spots
  • Hand-placed objects from custom-built and default MSFS libraries, such as buildings, vehicles, vegetation and the like, to complement overall impression and create lively and vibrant landscape


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