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iFly Releases SP1 for the Advanced Series 737NG


iFly Development Team has officially released Service Pack 1 fortheir new iFly Jets Advanced Series - The 737NG.

iFly has corrected a few issues that were reported after releaseand implemented some new items based on customer feedback.

The Prepar3D team designed a new HUD draw technique specific toPrepar3D version 5.3. that iFly has implemented. The HUD will not workon any Prepar3D version prior to 5.3.

You will now find a new Livery Download and Installation tool(GetLiveries desktop shortcut) that will make the task more automaticand streamlined. This tool will install liveries uploaded to theFlight 1 Library (http://library.flight1.net/) but is also able to domanual installations, provided the painter(s) follow the requiredguidelines as described in the Paint-kit "InstructionsReadMe.pdf". You can get the paint kit here:https://flight1.100megabyte.com/iFly-737NGadv-BP-P3Dv5-PaintKit.zip

There is now also an option in the Configuration tool that allowsyou to have Ground Power connected in the "Cold and Dark" state. Thisallows you to enter the cockpit at the gate with Ground Power alreadyconnected. It also helps VR users so they do not need to open 2D dropdown menus. This option is enabled per installed Livery.

You can now keep the aircraft sound unmuted when Prepar3D loses focus.

List of corrected and new items:

  • DU/CDU Fonts updated.
  • CDU RTE entry variation more robust.
  • ReadBGL.exe (Airport mapping tool) Divide By Zero Exception corrected.
  • CDU Background opaqueness corrected.
  • RNAV PFD Approach (IAN) Display Info distance corrected.
  • Sound Pauses minimized.
  • Speed-brake effectiveness improved.
  • Glareshield rubber grab area improved.
  • Corrected a few LEFT/RIGHT click-spot items.
  • Improved Crew seat visuals at night time.
  • Adjusted Eyepoint position.
  • Flaps EDP and EMDP times corrected.
  • Manuals updated to reflect latest changes and minimum required P3D v5.3.
  • New - HUD drawing technique (P3D v5.3)
  • New - New Livery Installation Tool.
  • New - Ground Power available with Cold and Dark. [New]
  • New - Mute sound on loss of P3D focus. [New]

Information on downloading Service Pack 1 is available on the productpage.

Product Page

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